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VOYAH Dreamer, the Flagship Luxury Electric MPV, starts its pre-sale in China


VOYAH Dreamer, the Flagship Luxury Electric MPV, starts its pre-sale in China

  • On April 7th, 2022, VOYAH Dreamer started in-app pre-sale for both versions of a 7-seater and a customizable 4-seater model.

  • Lu Fang, CEO of VOYAH, which is a luxury brand in Chinese automobile manufacturer established by Dongfeng Motors, said: "VOYAH Dreamer is positioned as a flagship luxury electric MPV and is expected to reshape low-carbon travel in MPVs as well as the MPV market."

Wuhan, April 7th, 2022 - Pre-sale has started on April 7th for VOYAH Dreamer, VOYAH’s second model which is positioned as a "flagship luxury electric MPV". For this model, a 4-seater and a 7-seater will be launched to satisfy low-carbon, hi-tech and comfortable business travel and personal travel. With a range of world's first and leading equipment, VOYAH Dreamer represents a different evolution and pioneers a new era of electric MPVs. In-app pre-sale has started and official launch is expected in Q2 ,2022 when test ride and test drive will be available, with delivery starting in July at the earliest.

Lu Fang, CEO of VOYAH, said: "As a pioneer MPV, VOYAH Dreamer will leads a new era of electric, intelligent and low-carbon travel, reshape luxury electric cars market and facilitate the ‘Chinese Dream’ of every enterprise, every family, and everyone in this era. It is positioned as a flagship luxury electric MPV. For business travel, it forms a comfortable first-class cabin and an exclusive meeting room. For personal travel, it creates the mobile as a warm home. So, it serves both business and personal travel, both city trips and rural outings. In this way, VOYAH presents a contemporary mobile as a third space for the personnel.”

Pre-sale starts for VOYAH Dreamer

VOYAH’s second landmark model, the VOYAH Dreamer is expected to pioneer a global new era of electric and low-carbon travel in MPVs. It differs from traditional luxury MPVs with a unique, high-end smart EV architecture. It is so far the only hybrid electric MPV, and is not only the starter of luxury electric MPVs, but also “the terminator” of Chinese MPVs. VOYAH Dreamer boasts space, comfort, luxury, technology with human touch, and global security. It offers both a 4-seater and a 7-seater version to suit both business travel and personal travel. Compared with traditional MPVs, VOYAH Dreamer has equipped with air suspension with magic carpet function, CDC system, also intelligent gears, such as Qualcomm 8155 chip and makes it as the best choice of MPV.

On April 7th, VOYAH Dreamer started in-app pre-sale for both a customizable 4-seater and a 7-seater version, which provides the powertrain with electric and range-extended version. The electric version is equipped with front-rear dual motors with a maximum power of 160kW/160kW and a torque peak of 620N.m, and propels you from 0-100km/h in just 5.9 seconds. The range-extended version is equipped with front-rear dual motors with a maximum power of 130kW/160kW and a torque peak of 610N.m, and requires only 6.9 seconds to accelerate to 100km/h from 0. Both versions can reach a top speed of 200km/h, with abundant and smooth power output. VOYAH Dreamer expects to come in gold, silver, purple, white, black and gray exterior with a brown/beige interior.

The ultimate experience made possible by VOYAH’s smart EV tech

Electric vehicles  d on new electrified architectures are now leading the way, and VOYAH Dreamer will be the blueprint for future MPVs and start a new era of electric and low-carbon travel.

VOYAH Dreamer is  d on an original ESSA architecture, which lays a good foundation for the car. It runs rings around traditional MPVs in terms of tailoring comfort for Chinese customers – by creating smooth EV driving/ride and human-computer interactive experiences. For an EV, particularly one with quality low-noise Continental tires, deep-sea sound insulation and noise reduction technology and more than 80 NVH components, you can count on an absolutely quiet experience. VOYAH Dreamer is also equipped with comfortable zero-gravity seats and a three-zone intelligent air conditioner, while an air management system and baby skin-friendly fabrics, the OEKO-TEX, to ensure extra comfort. In addition, an advanced DYNAUDIO sound system presents audio-visual feasts and concert hall experience. All these contribute to a first-class cabin experience, defining the comfort and luxury that an EV can provide.

VOYAH Dreamer embodies a modern Chinese treatment culture. With double-sided electric sliding doors as standard, it enjoys a leading-edge size and space, allowing both the 7-seater with a flexible 2+2+3 seat layout and the customizable 4-seater with a 2+2 layout to create a super mobile meeting room. The suspended, surrounding integrated interior comes in elegant tones and gives unconventional beauty. Four 24-inch suitcases can be easily loaded without having to fold down the rear row or compromising the comfort for the rear-row passengers. The front and rear double sunroofs and the large head space can ensure comfort in the cases of having a full load of passengers.

Luxury electric MPVs in full swing

The whole range of Chinese car companies are now focused on luxury NEVs, and smart EV technology is reimagining luxury cars – in a time of NEV strategy shift.

VOYAH Dreamer offers not only absolute comfort but also unrivalled luxury. The car has a chassis with aluminum alloy front double wishbone + rear five-  + adaptive air suspension, which can only be found in much more expensive cars. It has perfectly addressed the issues of vehicle possibility, driving stability, ride comfort and convenience in getting in and out. Smart luxury is EV’s answer to luxury in the new era.

As the world's first new energy MPV equipped with air suspension + CDC and magic carpet function, VOYAH Dreamer ensures the best driving and ride experience across all terrains and road conditions, by intelligently adjusting the damping of the shock absorber. At high speed, the air suspension is automatically lowered to reduce wind resistance and energy consumption. When one is getting on/off or loading/unloading luggage, the car body is lowered, which evokes a sense of dignity. The car can intelligently monitor and analyze road conditions in advance, and provide real-time feedback and adaptive buffering and shock absorption. Such a "magic carpet function" makes a top-level chassis as well as a classy ride experience, lifting the car above luxury MPV models such as Lexus LM series and Mercedes-Benz V-class.

d on an original ESSA smart EV architecture and with the support of Qualcomm's 8155 flagship chip and gigabit 5G in-vehicle network, VOYAH Dreamer has 26 L2+ level intelligent driving assistance features and ECALL intelligent emergency call system, which makes driving safer and easier. Its unique automatic parking system and remote-control parking system solves parking headaches with high efficiency. Its class-leading whole vehicle OTA upgrade function keeps the vehicle updated and the driving experience fresh.

With a forward-looking electric MPV strategy, VOYAH crafted VOYAH Dreamer, which is positioned as a flagship luxury electric MPV. This serves to break the monopoly of imported luxury MPVs and bears another testimony to renewed strength of Chinese cars. With leading advantages in space, comfort, luxury, warm technology and global security, VOYAH Dreamer is pioneering the era of low-carbon travel in MPVs as well as redefining luxury for electric MPVs. It is not only the pioneer of electric business travel, but will also become the leader of high-end Chinese MPVs with its advantages in intelligence, performance and luxury that existing MPVs lack. In a time of shifting industry landscape that is happening for the first time throughout the century, VOYAH Dreamer will be the blueprint for future MPVs who aim to pursue the trend of low-carbon travel and upgrade their brands utilizing this opportunity while facilitating dreams.

On March 10th, representatives from Dongfeng Motors Cooperation and Norway's Electric Way Co, Ltd met online and signed a memorandum of cooperation, announcing the launch of VOYAH in Norway. There, VOYAH’s electric model FREE will be launched overseas for the first time. The car will be delivered by the end of this year. Next time, it will be VOYAH Dreamer.


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