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Dongfeng L4 driverless car rolls offline first


On June 12, Dongfeng Sharing-VAN 1.0 Plus, an L4 5G driverless car independently developed by Dongfeng Motor Corporation Technical Center (DFMTC), first rolled off the trial production line of the Department of Product Engineering, DFMTC.

Dongfeng Sharing-VAN 1.0 Plus, a mass-produced model, is an L4 5G driverless car independently developed by the SV-BU team of DFMTC, as well as an upgrade from Dongfeng Sharing-VAN. With 13 functions, including car-hailing, dynamic speed limitation, roundabout cruising, dynamic obstacle avoidance, vehicle fleet formation, automatic parking, backstage car-hailing, remote control and monitored dispatching, it can operate in science parks or large scenic spots.



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