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      With the rapid development of the automobile industry,China's automobile production and sales have leapt to the first place in the world, and the retain number of automobile ranks second in the world. With the passage of time, the upgrading of a large number of old vehicles will inevitably cause growth spurt in the number of scraped automobile, and thereby the resulted resources and environmental issues will become increasingly prominent. The competent government departments have successively issued relevant policies and regulations to strengthen the management of automobile recovery, and clearly required the vehicle manufacturers to fulfill the producer responsibility, to strengthen communication and cooperation with the dismantling enterprises, and to prepare the dismantling manual for the purpose of providing dismantling, storage, or testing related technical information for product recycling to the dismantling enterprises. At the same time, theautomobile manufacturer should note the materials of the main parts of the automobile in the dismantling manual to facilitate the recycling and dismantling enterprises to sort and handle the parts and materials in the recycling and dismantling stage.
     The preparation of this dismantling manual is based on the dismantling process of the common model. 
        The dismantling personnel should read the manual carefully. 
     The following normative documents contain provisions which, through references in this text, constitute provisions of this dismantling manual:
      GB 2894 Safety signs and guideline for the use;GB 3100 SI units and recommendations for the use of their multiples and of certain other units;GB 4094 Symbols for controls, indicators and tell-tales of motor vehicles;GB 22128-2008 Technical Specifications for End-of-life Vehicles Recycling and Dismantling 
      HJ 348 Environmental protection technical specifications for disassembly of end-of-life vehicles


Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Explanation of Terms
Chapter 3 General Information
Chapter 4 Safety Warning

Chapter 5 Dismantling Process and Description of Vehicle

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