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Welcome to the website of Dongfeng Motor Corporation (hereinafter the "Website"); when using the Website, please carefully read and get to know the following terms. Once you browse through the Website and related pages, it will be deemed that you have understood and fully agreed to the services contents. Please periodically check the following contents since they may be modified from time to time.

1. Copyright

(1) The copyright of theWebsite, including all information of the related pages and the structure, web design and graphics is vested in Dongfeng Motor Corporation. Without the expressly written permission of Dongfeng Motor Corporation, no person is allowed to copy or reprint any contents on Website or produce a mirror image on the server rather than that of Dongfeng Motor Corporation or illegally use the same.

(2) For those who violate the related national laws and regulations, disregard the declaration hereof or use the contents hereof without the consent of Website, Dongfeng Motor Corporation will reserve the right to take legal measures to pursue their liabilities.

2. Trademarks

The trademarks, service marks and the like appearing on the Website are protected by law since they are owned by Dongfeng Motor Corporation or its affiliates, or have been formally authorized; therefore, without the formal authorization of Dongfeng Motor Corporation or the related third party in writing, no person may modify, reproduce, or otherwise use the same. For those who use the foregoing trademark, Dongfeng Motor Corporation will reserve the right to take legal measures to pursue their liabilities.

3. Disclaimer

(1) Notwithstanding that the Website will endeavor to provide accurate and timely information and content, such information and content are based on their current status; therefore, the Website does not give any express or implied guarantee for their accuracy and timeliness.

(2) The Website is not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages arising from your access to or use of the Website. Please cautiously use your software and equipment.

(3) The views expressed or implied in the related articles and information reproduced on the Website do not represent the views of Dongfeng Motor Corporation. The above contents are excerpted or reprinted in strict accordance with the related Chinese Internet copyright laws, regulations and judicial interpretations. Some shall promptly notify the website administrator of the infringement existing in the articles when they browse through the Website; in the case of any infringement, the Website will immediately remove the same within the mandate.

(4) The online information and contents available on other websites obtained through the links between the Website and other websites are only inserted for reference and Dongfeng Motor Corporation will not assume any liabilities.

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