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As an excellent brand with more than 40 years of development history, 'Dongfeng' is the China automobile industry’s first well-known trademark and one of the 'World Top 500 Famous Brands', winning such honorary titles as 'China Famous Brand Product' and 'The Most Competitive Brand in the Market' and enjoying high brand awareness and reputation both at home and abroad. Dongfeng is the only Chinese automobile brand listed in the 'World Top 500 Brands'.

The Dongfeng brand text logo is ''. Its graphic logo resembles a pair of revolving spring swallows in a circle, vividly representing the vision 'Two Swallows Dancing with Dongfeng' and evoking the sense of the East Wind (Dongfeng) bringing warmth and enchanting sunny days; every living thing is full of vitality, intimating the company’s prosperous future. The logo also resembles a double '人' (the Chinese character 'ren', meaning 'people'), implying that the Company infuses its business with a people-oriented philosophy. The dancing, flying sparrows in the logo revolve like a wheel moving forward, representing DFM's products galloping throughout China and towards the global market.

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