Overwhelming Momentum! Dongfeng Launched Many New Products at Auto Shanghai 2021!

On April 19 , 2021

Themed on Sharing-City, Dongfeng Motor Corporation makes presence in Auto Shanghai 2021, for the first time after Dongfeng released its 14th Five-year Plan. A few companies of vehicle, key parts ......

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"e·π2021" is a brand-new concept car developed by Dongfeng based on the imagination of intelligent space. It adopts the SOA architecture, achieving high compatibility and controllability, and continuously optimizing the comprehensive driving experience. It is equipped with the L4 automated driving technology, and the leading three electric technologies and high-voltage fast charging technology, which can effectively eliminate the anxiety about dead battery during long-term travel. Through accumulation of the data about the customer’s car use habit, it will provide a intelligent and funny driving experience, and it is provided with the means for health and emission monitoring, creating a high-tech Dongfeng product featuring high quality, intelligence and harmony.

Immersion mobile mutual inter-entertainment space

"I-Cabin" concept car is designed based on scenarios to create a friendly interaction and perfect experience for customers; as a pure electric sedan with good outlook, advanced technologies, high performance and high safety built for the post-90s who are pursuing a intelligent and high-quality life, it is equipped with a series of human-machine interaction and experience technologies such as immersion game interaction, face recognition, digital exterior rearview mirror, gesture recognition and seat welcome function.


Sharing-Bus is one of the achievements of Dongfeng Yuexiang in the research and development of future intelligent mobility solutions based on the concept of "Evolving a better life".

With a maximum seating capacity of 12-17, it is mainly used for unmanned shuttling service on roads in such areas as cities, parks and scenic spots. It is equipped with holographic projection desk, transparent large touch screen and water bar, so that passengers can conduct business negotiations while traveling.

The dynamic suspension together with the intelligent cockpit will produce a 4D cinema experience, so that passengers can fully immerse themselves in a realistic simulation environment through visual, audible, tactile and smelling perception to experience the visual impact shock as on site.

It has two driving solutions, namely, L4 automatic driving and 5G parallel driving.

Yixuan MAX

Yixuan MAX is the first flagship model built on DSMA modular platform and positioned as "track-class wide-body sedan”. It is equipped with the golden powertrain consisting of a “China Heart” best ten 1.5T engine and a 7DCT300, providing an excellent driving pleasure for drivers and their a good riding comfort for their families.

Yixuan MAX Hybrid

Yixuan MAX is the first flagship model built on DSMA modular platform and positioned as "track-class wide-body sedan”. It is equipped with the hybrid powertrain consisting of a “China Heart” best ten 1.5T engine and dual HD120 motors, bringing better power performance and economical performance for users.

Yixuan MAX DarkNight

Yixuan MAX DarkNight is painted in matte black and adopted placer gold molding to outline its stream lines, which, together with the floating spoiler, creates a vivid sporty expression during acceleration. Rear-hinged doors are adopted in front for those who love modification extremely.

Yixuan CTCC

Yixuan Race is the third-generation racing car independently developed by the Technical Center of Dongfeng Motor, and it has participated in China Touring Car Championship in 2019, 2020 and 2021, and in 2020, it helped Dongfeng Aeolus Team win the CTCC 2020 championship, and our driver, Huang Fujin, won the CTCC 2020 driver championship.

The car is overall reinforced and equipped with FIA-certified rollover bar, carbon fiber hood, roof and aerodynamic kit, DRS, EDFC variable suspensions, racing-oriented explosion-proof fuel tank and one-button automatic fire extinguisher to provide best driving experience and highest safety guarantee.

FurterLink family concept car

FurterLink family concept car inherits the FurterLink family design concept of "sharp dynamics", and integrates Chinese traditional aesthetics, creating a car full of emotion, vitality, and sense of luxury and delicacy.

The body lines are as smooth as drawn by a brush pen; the sporty styling gives the car an impression as a bow-poised arrow; the light and shadow structure outlines a gorgeous car body; the headlamp and tail lamp are applied with the diamond-cut design elements, which are unique and match well with the parametric design elements of the car, full of sense of technology.

T5-EVO Thunder

T5-EVO Thunder is the result of sport refitting based on the T5 EVO mass production model, and has the young personalized sports modeling style of "cool fashion"; it is equipped with the racing sports kit, the track-class tail spoiler and the integrated sports seat, bringing a sporty driving experience.

Glory S-007

As a NEV, Glory S-007 concept car adopts the new design philosophy "interstellar power", with design elements including vast universe, mysterious galaxies, multiple species integrated to provide an outlook full of sense of mobility and evolution. The headlamp design in the form of "space power crystal", the Lightening Speed waistline decoration and other patterns reveal the new vision of Glory brand to the young people of Z generation.

Rich 6 Cross

Rich 6 Cross is developed based on the same platform as NISSAN NAVARA, and adopts a fully enclosed O-shaped frame, ensuring a body as strong as a tank. It has two versions, namely 6MT diesel 4WD standard version and 8AT diesel 4WD standard version.

It is equipped with a series of off-road configurations such as 17-inch black off-road wheels, all-terrain tires, roof rack, off-road rollover bar (with high-mounted brake lamp), off-road side step, steel front bumper, steel rear bumper, steel chassis guard, wading protector and towing device. In the respect of power, it is equipped with the Renault-Nissan M9T-60A diesel engine and ZF second-generation 8AT, ensuring a combined fuel consumption per 100km down to 8.1 L. It also adopts the BorgWarner's electronic four-wheel drive system, which has three modes namely 2H, 4H and 4L, and the rear axle is equipped with Eaton's patented mechanical automatic differential lock.

MACH power

The golden hybrid powertrain composed of MACH power core engine C15TDR and HD120 is adopted, providing strong power and excellent start acceleration performance. The thermal efficiency of the high-efficiency version is up to 41.07%, which is the recognized highest thermal efficiency in the turbocharger industry, and the thermal efficiency of the next generation will be increased to 45%. The noise of the vehicle is down to 36db (A), bringing a quiet driving experience. In addition, the powertrain has self-learning function, able to realize intelligent mode change according to the operation status of the vehicle.


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