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New Brand, New Image-DFM makes brilliant appearance at Auto China 2018


"Steering To A New Era" Auto China 2018 opened on April 25. Under the theme of "Car Drives Dream", DFM appeared at "Dongfeng Pavilion" with a strong lineup of 14 brands, including Dongfeng Aeolus, Dongfeng FurterLink, Dongfeng Glory, Dongfeng Fengdu, Dongfeng Warrior, Dongfeng Nissan, Dongfeng Honda, Dongfeng Peugeot, Dongfeng Citroën, Dongfeng Yueda Kia, Dongfeng Venucia, Dongfeng Renault, Dongfeng Infiniti and Dongfeng Yulon. The pavilion presented 115 vehicles, with a total exhibition area of 11,225 square meters.

Located in Hall W1, Dongfeng Pavilion presented 18 Dongfeng-branded passenger vehicles, 1 technology experience unit, 3 powertrain units, 9 debut vehicles and 6 new energy vehicles, to showcase DFM's new independent-branded products and latest R&D achievements.

"Those products and independent innovation achievements newly launched or soon to be launched represent DFM's latest achievements in automobile lightweight, electrification, intelligence, connection and sharing, as well as its latest achievements in innovation drive, open cooperation, initiative and dominant operations, business growth and win-win development," said Zhu Yanfeng, Chairman and Party Secretary of DFM at the opening ceremony of Dongfeng Pavilion on the morning of April 25.

Debut of 9 New Models Shows Dongfeng Brand Product’s Escalated Strength

With the new brand VI presentation, brand-new automatic exhibition appliance design, forward-looking future technologies and new models, the Pavilion of Dongfeng Motor Corporation (“DFM”) this year presents a new appearance; with the deep and strong sense of fashion and sense of the future, an internationalized image of DFM jumps out.

Among the 115 exhibited cars, DFM’s own-brand models are eye-catching. The “lightweight, electrification, intelligence, connectivity and sharing” (“the five”) represented new-energy car, AI vehicle-mounted system and a series of new independent brand models all demonstrated the new achievements made by DFM over recent years.

Dongfeng eπ new energy high-performance concept style coupe is a staged product that Dongfeng creates for perfect trips in the future, making Dongfeng’s “intelligence, connectivity, electrification, lightweight and sharing” strategy concrete and close enough to touch. eπ is no longer a simple means of transportation, but an “intelligent” partner able to communicate with human. Its advanced intelligent system makes each intimate contact between human and machine from afar to the nearby lie in a joyful mode with different lighting effects or communication statuses. eπ provides users with a “connected” smart city, by which users can get access to the optimal route planning, remote doctor seeing, real-time interaction with family members and supporting real-time attention to hotpots along the road, etc. And by virtue of the real-time interconnection and positioning between vehicle and user, and the automatic greeting technology, user can realize a convenient and rapid immediate trip. The full electric eπ can endure at least 500km after charged for 15 minutes via the “electrification” sharing platform; while the PHEV-driven eπ can endure 1,000km; hub motors at four wheels bring about better bearing space and hands-on fun; furthermore, it can be accelerated to a hundred kilometers per hour in less than 4 seconds. Its low-decibel motor system provides home-like peaceful experience.

Dongfeng FurterLink T5 is the first work that Dongfeng FurterLink has made on its way to Automobile 3.0. As the first intelligent socializing SUV of “To Know You Better”, T5 takes “internal and external connection, and new tide” as its perspective vision; T5 has reached a new height in appearance, intelligence and power, which not only means its devotion to boosting Dongfeng FurterLink to a new level with regard to competitiveness in the field of SUV, but also means that Dongfeng FurterLink has been accelerated to stride forward to a new stage when carrying forward the strategic ideas of “quality upgrading and brand upgrading”.

The intelligent coupe type SUV Glory iX5 is the first fruit made upon the cooperation between Dongfeng Glory and Baidu. iX5 takes “spirituality of life” as its designing idea to endow the vehicle with life’s aesthetic values, i.e. motionless or motional, fragrant and flexible. The fastback coupe style leads the trend. Meanwhile, iX5 provides new functions like voice and remote APP control over back door, sunroof, window, seat heating, etc. Its brand-new intelligent connected system will provide users with a more reliable and faster iterative experience.

Apart from the above models, Dongfeng Aeolus A60, Dongfeng Glory 580, Dongfeng FurterLink m7, Dongfeng FurterLink m6 and Dongfeng Succe-EV and Warrior were also debuted. Such a powerful debut presents people with Dongfeng’s perspective layout in the new energy automobile field, especially in the aspect of intelligent connectivity.

The tide of the deep blending of global industrialization and informatization is majestic and grand. Complying with the trend, DFM also sets AI Vehicle-mounted System Experience and VR Experience at Dongfeng Pavilion and has made great effort in strengthening user’s interaction experience, which brings about a wave for experiencing an intelligent connectivity and intelligent life.

Navigated by “the Five” Strategy, Dongfeng’s Own-brand Passenger Vehicles Launched

Scientific innovation engines the future. Innovation and development are the genes rooted in Dongfeng’s blood. To comply with the low-carbon and intelligent connectivity requirements of China, Dongfeng takes the lead in initiating and practicing “the five” (i.e. “lightweight, electrification, intelligence, connectivity and sharing”) concept in automobile field, expedites innovation-driven development and endows Dongfeng’s innovation with new powers. Its accumulated strength will help Dongfeng’s passenger vehicle course transform “from existence to a powerful existence”.

During the Auto Show, Dongfeng Motor Corporation (“DFM”) jointing with Baidu and PATEO released “Baidu’s DuerOS based AI vehicle-mounted system -- Dongfeng Aeolus WindLink3.0”, which attracted the eyes of the industry. In response to the current vehicle-mounted system on the market that still cannot satisfy consumers’ demands in terms of precision of voice identification, smoothness of human-machine interaction experience and wide multi-scenario applications, the system is equipped with super high-end hardware, ultra simple UI experience, super-fast AI voice and extreme application ecology. Meanwhile, WindLink3.0 also brings about six industrially pioneering advantages, i.e., the first AI vehicle-mounted system that can realize full-featured application without downloading APP, the first that can realize self-learning, the first that has faster experience than smart phones, the first that can understand complicated human languages, the first with full-scenario ecology and that can grow, and the first with OTA.

For the next Dongfeng Aeolus model which is about to enter the market, Dongfeng Aeolus WindLink3.0 will be a 100% standard configuration and in the next three years, it will become a standard configuration for all model collections.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in DFM’s pioneering technology development, but from this, we can infer a new Dongfeng, which has created “Dongfeng’s Innovation Rate” in making achievement of “the five”.

In terms of lightweight, DFM made clear that it optimizes its product structure by adoption of lightweight materials and advanced manufacturing technology to accomplish lightweight objective and reach the technological scheme. From Dongfeng Aeolus A30 to AX4, plenty of lightweight materials are applied to Dongfeng’s own- brand passenger vehicles and the application ratio for a single unit has been over 60%. What’s more, AX7 exhibited on Auto China 2018 won the first prize at the China Lightweight Car Body Conference 2017.

In terms of electrification, DFM prepared a technological plan focusing on EV/PHEV to make advance research on FCV, wheel hub motor and at the same time focus on low carbon to expedite HEV development. The new generation of EV Sedan E70 independently developed by DFM is a typical example; its endurance is up to 380km.

In terms of intelligence and connectivity, the first round of sample cars developed by the Intelligent Connected Vehicle of Dongfeng’s Own-brand Passenger Vehicle participated in the “Barrier” Race organized by the General Equipment Division and achieved good results. At the China Intelligent Vehicle Championship 2016, the Driverless Car R&D Team of Dongfeng participated in the Championship with its driverless AX7, which obtained the “Leading Prize for Driverless Car”. At the end of last year, the self-driving passenger transportation bus AlphaBus was released for the first time and tested at Futian Bonded Area in Shenzhen. It was the first driverless vehicle driving on open road in China and the first around the world. On 18th April, 2018, Dongfeng automatic drive 2.0 sample car successfully obtained the road test license issued by the Automatic Drive Road Test Administration Work Group of Chongqing, by which Dongfeng becomes one of the first automobile enterprises issued with Automatic Drive Road Test License and the first finished-vehicle manufacturer that has obtained Automatic Drive Road Test License within the jurisdiction of Hubei Province. On 19th April, according to the reply of the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China, it was agreed to prepare and establish a “National Intelligent Connected Vehicle Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Hubei)” on the basis of Xiangyang Da’an Automobile Testing Center Co., Ltd., thus making DFM into one of participants in making standards governing future automobile drive.

In terms of sharing, DFM has brought out many ride-sharing service platform like “YiWeiXiang” and “Dongfeng Trip” (“Dongfeng Chuxing”) and DFM’s business has covered car-sharing, new-energy shuttle bus, new-energy taxi, online car-hailing, new-energy delivery vehicle, etc.

Grasp the core technologies and core resources of the “battery, motor and electronic control”; build new-energy automobile industrial parks; establish first-class intelligent connected car research institutes; establish intelligent connected car test fields and demonstration centers with joint efforts; establish connected car service platform; create digitized innovation ecospheres; carry out industrial cooperation; impel coordination and innovation, etc. In future, a batch of combined Big Hits will carry forward “the five” strategy of DFM in a profound and deep way, thus constantly boosting the independent course of Dongfeng.

DFM Aims to Sell 4.5 Million Units in 2018 with Focus on Sound Development

In 2017, facing the grim market situation of "micro growth", DFM continued to develop soundly and steadily, and performed strongly in the export of independent-branded vehicles, new energy vehicle and passenger vehicles. Throughout the year, DFM sold 4.121 million units and achieved sales revenues of 631 billion yuan, up 10.2 percent year on year; its profit earnings and tax payments were up 7.8 percent and 15 percent year on year respectively. All these indicators are up to the assessment standards set by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.

New development of independent operations: In 2017, DFM sold 1.439 million independent-branded units, up 4.5 percent year on year, ranking third in the industry. DFM regained the industry lead with commercial vehicle sales of 593,000 units, with its market share up 0.8 percent.

Rapid development of new energy vehicles: In 2017, DFM took the commanding height for new energy vehicles, comprehensively launched its "583" plan, and sold 55,000 units, up 118 percent, far above industry growth. DFM's new energy sector achieved profit without any major operation risk.

Fast growth of exports: In 2017, DFM took an active part in "the Belt and Road Initiative" construction, and exported 65,000 units, up 55.3 percent year on year, far above average industry growth, ranking 5th in the industry, moving up two places from 2016. DFM was ahead among the top five auto groups in terms of export growth.

Comprehensive deepening of reform: DFM successfully reformed its corporate system, and basically completed the counterpart handover and centralized management of "water supply, power supply, gas supply and property management" services for more than 70,000 households in the residential area for employees and their families. The mixed ownership reform of Dongfeng Industrial Co., Ltd. was wrapped up. 50 legal entities were reduced and 8 zombie enterprises were disposed of.

In 2018, DFM aims to sell more than 4.5 million units, outperform the market in sales growth and continue improving its profit. This year, with the subject of sound development, with focus on coordinated advancement, the breakthrough in multiple fields and the leap of key fields, DFM will grow stronger, strengthen Party building and speed up innovation to fulfill its target.

In the first three months of 2018, DFM achieved cumulative sales of 966,600 units, including 819,600 passenger vehicles and 147,000 commercial vehicles, to maintain stable sales growth.

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